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Erotic massage in Kiev: treat yourself to a new emotion

Erotic massage classic - 800 uah/60 min

Erotic massage is the fire of passion, participation of sexual energy, Spanish temperament and eastern sensuality that can be experienced in Fiesta salon. No, this is not just a technique of relaxing manipulation; it is one of the main sources of health, sexual activity, when the harmony of body and positive energy magically merge together. Erotic massage in Kiev is a kind of composition of skillful movements of all parts of the body of our girls accompanied by music, aimed at the liberation of the client and bringing him to full ecstasy. Conduction of such fascinating procedures depends not only on the level of training of our girls, but also on their grace and tenderness, because almost unobtrusively, sincerely and realistically they will allow you to improve your health, improve the work of many vital organs of your body, including development of erogenous zones sensitivity. Erotic massage can help you get rid of a bad mood, prolonged depression, daily hassles and thousands of minor problems. It will give you confidence and allow you to feel your body from top to toe, look at your true character and pull out all of its best qualities. Have you seen how the flowers bloom in the morning? In such a way your body and your inner sexuality will be awaken, because if you feel gentle moves of masseuses on your body once, you will immediately feel the joy and happiness, the whole world will change since the girls are able to give lots of positive emotions and the ocean of tenderness. Touching of fingers, palms, thighs, full breasts, tummy, and just her breath feels like an obsession that you have to experience at least once in your life. And the erotic massage will give all these feelings. Kiev makes only the best offers to its guests and local residents.

Unforgettable body massage in Kiev

Body massage - 900 uah/60 min

You will experience irresistible influence of sensual pleasure mixed with exciting female touch, if you visit our Fiesta salon. And all this will happen because you are offered not the usual treatments, but body massage with erotic elements. Body massage in Kiev is a deep valley, in which your ability to become not just a healthy person, but a truly happy one, is hidden. It will restore your strength and capabilities, relieve stress of working days, so you can relax and get a lot of pleasure from the magical and graceful touches of our young maidens. They are endowed with talent to immerse tired traveler in the world of fantasy and dreams, in the world of extreme sensations, when the whole body just turns into one erogenous zone and begins to glow. Getting a lot of such touches together with the volcano of exciting emotions is really a heavenly pleasure that must be experienced by everyone at least once in life. We offer you this drink of passion and professional knowledge of psychology and energy, different techniques demonstrated by body massage. Kiev provides you with thousands of opportunities to extend your youth, to learn to feel and move easily. Indeed, naked bodies, interacting with each other, stimulate the secretion of hormones, improve the functioning of cells and create a positive aura of love around you. Touches of arms, breast and thighs of our girls, their strong and gentle pressings, and exciting stroking of all parts of the body will give you relief from stiffness and complexes, confidence in your abilities and capabilities. You should come around to us; we always have nice and romantic atmosphere, the most professional girls-masseuses, and the best body massage and business tact, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

About Fiesta Massage salon


Fiesta Massage salon is one of those places in Kiev, where you will be greeted cheerfully by the best professionals, which will undertake health complex procedures without the use of medicines: only skilled movements of hands and other parts of the body and no magic. Here you will be offered the erotic massage, which has long been available only for royals and monarchs, but now every one of you can experience such a pleasure. We will cheerfully break open the doors of our salon and new, voluptuous and a sensual world for you, where there is an inner harmony, skillfully interwoven with incredible sexuality. This is not a dream and not a fantasy; it is a reality, which will provide you with sophisticated services in the form of tree-nymphs, which will demonstrate the different types of massage with erotic elements: body massage, erotic and relaxing massage, Thai massage and other programs.

But this is not the whole range of our basic elements, there are other spheres that will allow you to improve the physical and mental state, get the energy boost and complete sexual relaxation. In our erotic cocktail you will be able to enjoy different shows based on special story line. These shows include duet with geishas, peep shows, Lesbian shows, partner and royal massage. Believe me, we can surprise you, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, as Fiesta Massage means a quiet peaceful atmosphere, wonderful plastic and flexibility of the woman’s body, enticing and exciting movement and other shows, which are accompanied by exciting music, captivating flavors of aromatic oils and candles. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a show gather around a lot of fans. Despite the richness of programs, Fiesta Massage salon has a special attitude to each visitor, which is expressed in an individual approach and confidentiality. This is the main credo of our practice, so you can safely come to us alone or with friends.

работа для девушек спб

Thai massage

Thai massage - 1300 uah/60 min

Thai massage in Kiev, where you will be met by gentle and wonderful nymphs, will teach you to feel your body. This procedure is for those who understand the true meaning of pleasure and those who want to experience these alluring and exciting strokes for the first time. Surely Thai massage in Fiesta salon made by young mistress is not only a medical procedure, but also the opportunity to feel and taste that forbidden fruit, which is so sensual. Skills, experience and technique of girls-masseuses is nothing compared with their perfect and graceful bodies so skillfully manipulated that in a split second they will take you to the top of pleasure. Being rough or playful like a gentle cat or an angry panther, their breath can make you feel the growing internal desire and bring your body to a sexual languor. This is a kind of sexual games, during which the whole body of client (girl or man) is explored with different massage techniques: stroking, vibration, pressure. Hot touches of lips, tongue, massaging by breast, buttock muscles and other parts of the body involved by our girls during the procedure are not the exception. As you can see, Thai massage Kiev is a kind of thrilling action, which came to us from the east. This is the place where it was germinated by the great monarchs and emperors, sustaining their lives, improving physical health and emotional balance, and now we can enjoy this felicity with you. If you decide to drink the cup of passion, enjoy massaging moves of girls, get randy with flavor of essential oils, feel them on your erogenous zone, you should know that we always welcome our guests, each traveler tired on the road, every man or woman whose body wants to relax and gain new energy. Professional Thai massage by Fiesta salon is offered completely confidentially and individually.

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage - 1400 uah/60 min

Relaxing massage, which refers to one of the types of medical procedures, you may compare to unread book that you want to open again and again. Or it may be compared with music that surrounds you with the breathtaking magic and takes you into another world, mysterious and exciting at the same time. This is a story about the irresistible desire or dance that resembles a passionate, incredibly temperamental, too emotional Flamenco dance. Our young masseuses will help you to deal with these spiritual experiences, sexual ups and downs. They know all the methods and techniques that allow your body to relax gradually and remove all symptoms of fatigue, concurrently they skillfully affect nerve endings using stroking, vibration, shaking, tapping, and of course spotting pressure. Relaxing massage in Kiev means comfortable rooms, intriguing and exciting music, flavor of aromatic oils and candles, denuded bodies of girls and of course the highest level of professionalism. Skillful touches to your excited body, to the most erogenous parts will set on fire your blood, relax every cell and allow you to forget about everything in the world, except the pleasure, which will eventually lead to complete relaxation. You probably have never experienced such wonderful touches; it was perfected over the years, passed from generation to generation, improved and came to our days. Our mistress, who will offer you the most professional relaxing massage that will remove stress, fatigue and nervous tension, will help you to get the peak of passion and pleasure in our salon. Kiev is waiting in its apartment for men and women to give them real sexual miracle.

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