Show programs


Royal massage

If you want to experience something incredible and erotically saturated, the royal massage was created for your special benefit. This is an amazing massage program with two hot girls, which will bring you to double relaxation with the help of their professionalism. Just imagine that you can reach a height of bliss and derive pleasure for two times that will take you to the magical world of bliss, where two naked girls will not only excite you, but also bring to the sexual exhaustion with the help of their bodies. These are the new dimensions of passion, which you can share with your partner. It’s a new breath to your experience. We are waiting for you to give you a true royal massage.

UAH 3000/1 hour


Partner massage

The most exciting and the most delicate massage with erotic elements is a partner massage. It will teach you to breathe in unison, guess the desires of each other, feel the mood and touch those parts of the body, which are more erogenous and sensitive to tenderness. At such moments, your body is not the subject to your minds, it screams with tenderness and joy, forgetting about everything in the world, except touches of hands, chest and even hair. They jollify and excite the body; they are so soft, deep and exigent at the same time. And the music, which at first was so exciting and relaxing, falls by the wayside and the only important thing is the sweet nothings of the partner. Here you can lose control! You can experience these feelings if you visit our salon where you will be offered the most incredible and amazing partner massage with mutual fun and games.

UAH 1500/1 hour


Lesbi show

Probably, the most pleasant thing is sexual games between two girls touching each other, allowing you to enjoy this moment as long as possible. This is called the Lesbian games, which you are offered at Fiesta salon. They slowly and gradually will take you into another type of program known as body massage, which allows experiencing the top of bliss and relaxation. Here you can see two naked bodies; they are intertwined like two snakes, demonstrating their gracefulness and smoothness of movement. If you want to experience such passion, Fiesta salon is waiting for you to let you forget about the primitive things and to reach the top of sexual pleasure.

UAH 1800/1 hour


Peep show

Amazing peep show is for those who like to love not only with the body but also with their eyes. It is really a pleasure to watch as girls touch themselves, gently and tenderly holding hands on the most intimate areas as if opening their bodies and minds towards unexplored feelings. These movements and touches become more intriguing and hot and now they bring her to the amazing explosion. But this is not enough for her; she immediately directs her attention to you and makes incredible erotic tricks with you, which allow you to enjoy the same stunning orgasm. Do not miss the opportunity to feel something passionate and fascinating that will emotionally affect your soul, senses and body. We are pleased to offer you a peep show with the best girls in our salon.

UAH 1100/1 hour


Trio cocktail

The impossible becomes possible when you visit our salon of erotic massage. This is the place where real miracles happen behind the scenes of erotic mystery and where you can drink the cup of pleasure. This is the place where two men find themselves in bed with one girl. Real lover-girls, passionate, hot and extremely graceful are hidden there. You will enjoy the almost acrobatic exercises as the girl really controls the flexibility and plasticity of her body so that she will pay attention to both men, bringing them to the sensual unconsciousness and the top of orgasm. You can be among these men.

UAH 1000/1 hour


Duet with geisha

If you want to get into the eastern fairy-tale of love with the ability to get enough attention of geisha, the doors of our salon are always open for you and your friends. Here you can find a great number of lover-girls who master specific techniques of erotic massage. They will pay you attention and give a wide range of pleasant touches. The flavor of aromatic oils and candles will jollify you to distraction, and the touches of geisha girls will bring you to the highest peak of love games. Probably, you have never experienced such tenderness and affection. Duet with geisha will definitely change your internality.

UAH 1000/1 hour